1864 Circassian Massacre and Their Deportations to the Ottoman Empire. Dr. with Fabio L. Grassi


Prof. Dr Fabio L. Grassi is a Professor of Eastern European History at Sapienza University in Rome. He became especially famous for his Turkish translation of Atatürk’s biography: Atatürk. Il fondatore della Turchia moderna, Rome, Salerno, 2008; Ataturk, Istanbul, Turkuvaz Book, 2009; reprint Istanbul, Doğan Kitap, 2018. His main areas of research are the Ottoman Empire and contemporary Turkey. In recent years, he has mainly focused on the Caucasian diaspora. Its Una Nuova Patria. His book L’esodo dei circassi verso l’Impero Ottomano (Istanbul, ISIS, 2014) has Turkish and English versions: A New Homeland. The forced migration of Circassians to the Ottoman Empire (1864), Istanbul, Historian Bookstore, 2017; A New Homeland. The massacre of the Circassians, their departure to the Ottoman Empire, their place in modern Turkey, Istanbul, Istanbul Aydın University Publications, 2018. Turkish compilation of various articles he published on Turkish-Italian relations: Lesser Known in Turkish-Italian Relations, Istanbul, Historian Bookstore, 2014.


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