2019 World Guides Week Events no:1


With the event planned to take place at TKTC headquarters on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 19.00, we will imagine the scene we would see if we looked at the Bosphorus on June 18, 860, namely the arrival of 200 Viking ships to plunder our city.


The number of quotas for this event, accessible only within the framework of the Guides Day events, is limited to 30.


– The relations of the Byzantine Empire with the Vikings,


– II. The Varang Guard Regiment, which was established during the Basileos period,


– The ethnic origin of the Varang, their dress, what they did,


– Harald Hardrada, the famous Varang commander of the time of Empress Zoe, who later became king of Norway,


– Harald Hardrada’s evil wit, his tactics to take over cities,


– the sagas of the Viking kings, or Heimskringla,


– We will discuss the “berserkers”, one of the essential powers of the Vikings.


In addition, we will talk about the ships of the Vikings, the women warriors, the ingenuity of Olga from Kyiv, the Christianization of the Russians, Vladimir and Anna, and include stories taken from the sagas.


For reference




After graduating from Boğaziçi University, Department of English Language and Literature, she worked as a reporter in the culture and arts department of Cumhuriyet newspaper, as editor-in-chief for Outdoor and Gezi Traveler magazines, prepared the “Yellow Signs Guide” about ancient cities for Gezi magazine, and has been working as a national tourist guide since 2002.


He is still struggling with his thesis to complete his master’s degree in the History of Religions at Marmara University in 2011 – 2012 and receive his diploma.


Since 2016, he has been making presentations on topics such as Early Christianity, Christmas history, heresy, and the Varangians. In addition, he is among the content providers of the Facebook page All About Byzantium.


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