Between the Two February 21st, the Federation and the Society


Since we celebrated International World Tourist Guides Day in 2019, we wanted to share the developments in the Federation and the Association.


At the beginning of 2019, we had the honour of representing our country by participating in the general assembly of the 19th World Tourist Guides Associations held in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Furthermore, upon the proposal of Aluscha Ritchie, who was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the second time after the Congress, Barış H. Partal Kavala, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TKTC, was appointed as the representative of WEST ASIA, one of the three representative offices that regulate the relations of the countries from Bulgaria to the Great Wall of China with the Federation.


AYDIN ​​TURIST GUIDELINES CHAMBER (ATRO), which responded positively to work carried out following its representative position on the Federation website, became our third institution after TUREB and TKTC, which became full members of the Federation after its application. The application of BALIKESİR UNIVERSITY TOURISM FACULTY, which we invited for membership within the scope of our representation duty, is in the examination phase. We have determined that we desire to ensure that Izmir enters between the education centres of the Federation, which are currently located in the south of Yerevan and Nicosia.


TKTC, on the other hand, continued its activities to establish close relations between its members this year. We aimed to get to know each other and solidarity with the movements that our families also took part in. The “Istanbul in pursuit of the Redbuds” event, which we aimed to make traditional, was followed by the meetings held at the association’s headquarters. Volunteers participating in the 20th Congress, which will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 2021, continue their preparations. While TKTC, which made two applications within the scope of EU-supported projects, awaited future responses, a team of Association guides shared their suggestions for diversifying Çorum city tourism within the size of a project supported by Çorum Municipality in two parts. Furthermore, the preparations for an extensive social media campaign for the ancient city of Sapinuva, which we had the chance to visit during these trips, are underway. The campaign will be started by Prof. Dr Our efforts for Aygül Süel to do so have resulted in positive results.


We want to thank our members, their families, academics, and industry stakeholders, especially in tourism and archaeology. We congratulate our colleagues worldwide, who have supported us during our work over the past year.


Baris H. Partal Kavala

Chairman of TKTC Board of Directors

WFTGA West Asia Representative


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