Bosphorus Tour with Judas trees


As the History, Culture and Tourism Guides Association, we held our second “Bosphorus Tour with Redbuds” event on Sunday, May 5, 2019, with the participation of more than fifty donors.


Sponsored by DenDen Yachting, the event was attended by TUREB Deputy Chairman, and Istanbul Chamber of Guides Board Chairman Dr Sedat Bornovalı also participated. Decadent treats accompanied the narratives between the historical and present place of the redbud tree and the mansions of the Bosphorus. TKTC friends once again had a historic Sunday.


Thank you to all our donors, and our sponsor DenDen Yachting, for sharing this beautiful day with us; Dr We would like to congratulate Sedat Bornovalı, journalist Tuluhan Tekelioğlu, sports writer Bülent Tuncay, theatre actor Berrin Arısoy Akhasanoğlu, Pronto Tur ship department manager Bahadır Şaf and operations manager Eylem Barbaros, our members and colleagues who participated.


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