13 November 2022 Cemiyet 0

Our colleague and board member Didem Çaloğlu, who survived the traffic accident yesterday with minor injuries, is in good condition. It was learned that while […]


12 November 2022 Cemiyet 0

PUBLIC CALL BY TKTC Tourism with Agency Tours with Guides Our profession, which was regulated 132 years ago and protected by law, is made the […]

Turkey Guides Day

17 April 2022 Cemiyet 0

Dear Colleague and Industry Stakeholder,   Today, our profession and Fisherman is 132 years old.   Piri of Guides, Fisherman of Halicarnassus, Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı […]

Dear all

15 February 2022 Cemiyet 0

Life is a journey sometimes without a guide. It isn’t easy to find out the path to success. Yes, We dreamt big in Madrid by […]


17 October 2021 Cemiyet 0

The first things that come to mind when “Izmir” is mentioned go on and on as raki, fish, crocus, boyoz, dove, cordon, Çeşme. Undoubtedly, they […]

TKTC at Istanbul Heritage Fair

16 June 2021 Cemiyet 0

History Culture Tourism Guides Association will be ready to meet you at the F1 stand.   For online invitations https://onlinebilet.tgexpo.com/tr/heritage-   #Heritage Istanbul, which will […]

Society Library

29 June 2020 Cemiyet 0

We promised we keep our promise. ? This time, we come before you with publications that will add value to our cultural life and serve […]

Bafra.. Ah Bafra ..

27 June 2020 Cemiyet 0

We look forward to your conversation with his work “Bafra.. Ah #Bafra ..”, which is one of the rare examples of its kind, and his […]