The first things that come to mind when “Izmir” is mentioned go on and on as raki, fish, crocus, boyoz, dove, cordon, Çeşme. Undoubtedly, they are among the most valuable values ​​in their class. When “İzmir” is mentioned worldwide, HOMEROS comes to mind first. We also know Homer; besides those interested in profession or hobby, everyone must have read or heard a mythological name story from Troy. I felt the lack of a Homer museum when I was doing museum activities for thousands of students with the Adventure Workshop that I have been running for about ten years. It is a great pleasure to introduce children to Homer. Still, I could not show the importance of my fellow countryman Homer in world history because there were no visuals to offer other than a few statues or an event, festival or museum about Homer. It was lacking; as you know, visual memory is powerful, increasing imagination and arousing curiosity. Well, shouldn’t we build a museum for our poet, who has so many names in Anatolia, was born, played and grew up on the edge of Izmir Meles, and left two important works today? A HOMEROS MUSEUM would suit Izmir, where child-friendly activities, where adults can visit with pleasure and where we can see Homer’s life, stories and heroes are organized. I rolled up my sleeves and started working with the acceptance news of my museum project, which I submitted to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.


Sibel Dundar


“The descendants of men are like the descendants of leaves; Sometimes the wind scatters them to the ground, and sometimes the Spring makes them green on the green trees. Such is the lineage of humans: on the one hand, it sprouts; on the other, it disappears.” The Iliad, HOMEROS