Istanbul During the Captivity Years: Occupation and Resistance Tours Open a New Segment


Special tours for the disabled, events at the association’s centre, and the Society, which came to the fore with its astounding initiatives on social media since the first weeks of the corona days, first came to the fore with the announcement of the electronic periodical Microphone, and then April 17, Turkey Tourist Guides Day. We focused on the changing forms of execution of our profession due to the change in how we do business in almost every field. Remote, live tours were a first in this field. Taking into account the direction of the situation and conditions, Cemiyet’s Pen Team, striving for more than a year to produce tours in new segments, comes before us with their latest work, “Istanbul in the Years of Captivity”.


It was planned as walking tours where the events between 1918-1923 were told as much as time and conditions allowed, between 3-4 hours, which took place entirely in the open air with few exceptions, and where contact was kept to a minimum. The determination of the subject headings followed the first readings of Istanbul’s years in captivity a century ago. Then, by scanning the corpus consisting of 37 books, theses and articles, which were 37 in the beginning, now more than 50, three routes were produced, consisting of a combination of notes with a ‘time, place, event’ pattern. Finally, our member guides related to the subject were prepared to ensure harmony in the narratives after dozens of repetitions performed at different times.


Istanbul tours in the Years of Captivity started with the presentation of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to its guests on the 98th anniversary of the liberation of Istanbul. The activities continue to be carried out on different weekends throughout October.


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