Our colleague and board member Didem Çaloğlu, who survived the traffic accident yesterday with minor injuries, is in good condition. It was learned that while the injured and passengers were distributed to Abant İzzet Baysal and Köroğlu Hospital after the accident, the survivors were sent to their hotels. The right arm of our Board Member Didem Çaloğlu is plastered over the shoulder, and the crack causes pain, while soft tissue damage is observed. It is among the news received that trees prevented a more considerable accident on the forest road, and an injured person was kept under observation and is expected to be discharged on November 13.

Our colleagues have not agreed to tour these vehicles for years and never recommend travelling with midibus vehicles. Our members, who think there are errors caused by their designs, state that the vehicle wheel diameter does not match the car’s height and that the centre of gravity is higher than it should be, so the accidents are caused by the centrifugal effect.

Noting that nearly half of the Anatolian tours went with these coffins last year, our members reminded that Mehmet Çabuk, a member of the IZRO Board of Directors, was also exposed to an accident with a high number of injured. It is stated that these vehicles, which are claimed to be preferred because they burn cheap diesel, are selected in groups of up to 19 people.

Our members, who say that this type of vehicle is not very suitable for intercity travel, also say that these vehicles are unsafe, let alone uncomfortable. They state that these vehicles, described as “midibuses seated on a front-engined van chassis”, are not as economical as they think, but they are preferred because they burn less than buses.

TKTC Honorary Member Ahmet Senol Özbek said, “Let the heads of some tourism institutions think about how to organize the organization, which is their main business, instead of making populism and talking to the guides. If he does not know, ask him. Someone will be found!” He shared his reaction with his words.

We wish our board member Didem Çaloğlu and all the passengers injured in the accident get well soon and a speedy recovery.


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