Mikrofon Magazine’s Second Issue Has Been Released


Our first issue, published with the words of the tour guides who are members of the History Culture Tourism Guides Association, has been visited 11,835 times since it became available on March 21, 2021! Thank you to all our readers for your interest.


In the past four months, the vaccination process in the fight against Covid-19 has accelerated, and life has started to return to normal, while the relative revival in the tourism sector has been a source of hope for all of us.


If you wish, let’s briefly touch on the articles written only for Microphone, each of which is more valuable than the other; There are thirteen articles in total, one of which is an interview, in our second issue, which we prepared with the self-confidence we gained thanks to the interest shown in our first issue. In addition, in this issue, we are here with another innovation other than the interviews that we will include in each issue.


As those who know us know, our families also participate in all the activities of our Association, and they are accepted as part of the society. Since we said, “Since Microphone is a community initiative,” we wanted to include the writings of our family members who hold a pen. In this context, the article titled “Istanbul Head” was penned by Dolunay Obruk, whom we remember with the song of the same name. Our second article in the “From Our Family” category was published under “Women Writers” by Duygu Tekdemir Aydik. You can only read this article about women writers who are especially interested in poetry on Mikrofon.


Starting from this issue, we will include one or two interviews in each case. The first of these is the interview we conducted with Topkapı Palace Museum President İlhan Kocaman. In this interview with our Visual Director Celal İbrahim Aydık, which got us very excited, we received the news that the visits to the Palace would be extended up to three days. We are sure that you will read this interview with interest.


Although she is not in Turkey these days, Ebru Aslan, who never made us feel her absence, continues her writings, which she started with walking, with the theme of time in this issue.


While Gülüm Obruk continues her Egyptian series, in which she made her debut in the first issue, Sümeyra Yazan, who touched hearts with her article titled “Istiklal Yolu, the Future of Future”, is here with a report that can be considered an introduction to the subject of olives.


Gülper Öcalan Baskin, who will continue to deal with the theme of women from different aspects throughout the year, wrote the trilogy of three women of Anatolia, Kybele, Artemis and the Virgin Mary, in this issue.


Verda Aymete, one of the stars of cruise tourism, takes us to Scandinavian culture in her article “Hygge”.


Sinan Ercan, one of our members living in London and increasing in number, is here with his article titled “The Sacred Stone from Harran to Scotland” in the second issue.


Meltem Karamete, a source of inspiration for the whole society with her energy, has written exciting information for you in her article “Old Turks”.


Another article you will read in one breath is “A Village in the Eastern Mediterranean: Selca”. The writing by Müjde Aslan invites us to live a day in the countryside of Antakya.


Celal İbrahim Aydık, our visual director who also designed our magazine, will be here with a comprehensive article on the tiles found in almost every guide’s house.


Our editor Onur Akgül discussed the fire and the cult of fire, which has been a part of man since the beginning of creation, which is believed to purify but also destroy, which some worship and some fear, in his article titled “Man and Fire”.


As much as possible, I wrote down two words about Malta, one of my favourite destinations.


We desire that you will have the opportunity to visit with at least one of the guides here on one of our tours, which will start in all directions as of October.


Maybe after that, you can start to travel by choosing your guide. Because this is one of the most fundamental aims of our Association; to introduce the tourist product consumer to the guide offering the product, as well as the best ones.


You can support us by following the social media accounts of both our Association (@tarihkulturturizm) and Mikrofon Magazine (@mikrofondergi) while reading Mikrofon, which we have prepared with archival articles, pleasure and water.


Hasan Baris Partal


History Culture Tourism Guides Association


Chairman of the Board


*Mrhaba: Hello in Maltese


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