We shared our social responsibility project yesterday within the framework of the World Guides Day activities celebrated since 1990.

In the same week, we completed our work to carry out a series of activities at the association’s headquarters.

You can attend the following events accompanied by an association member. In this regard, the member you will attend together should apply in writing to the address secretaryya@tktc.org.tr.

Our quota is limited to 30 people.

Our activities for the week of February 21 are as follows;

After the interview with Hayri Fehmi Yılmaz, who we can’t get enough of listening to, as we go from day to night on February 20, 2018, at 16.30, Dr. “Kariye” presentation by Sedat Bornovalı;

“A portrait of the Guidance Profession” from 1985 to the present by master Atilla Gürkan on February 21 at 18.00. What was the profession from the guidance between Istanbul Boys’ High School and Galatasaray High School to the present day, what has changed?

“Mardin Land of the Sun” presentation by Nükhet Everi, who is also known for her mastery of the subject and who also signed the work of the same name, on February 22 at 18.00;

By Hasan Barış Partal, February 23, at 18.00, hypotheses about the origins of the Turkic-language Christians, the Karamanids, the population exchange and their current situation;

There will be talks and presentations on the subject.

It is presented with the information of our friends with TKTC member guides.


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