17th April Turkey Guides Day / Week Explained



Our association, the History, Culture and Tourism Guides Association, has brought colour and vitality to professional life since its establishment in 2018. The consent of the existing members is sufficient to join the TKTC, which was established by guides from different chambers and languages who came together on an entirely voluntary basis. At the end of this article, you can reach the links of the website, social media accounts and the issues of our electronic publication Mikrofon, where we share the activities of our association so far.



We have carried out national and international activities that we have established and taken over to increase our profession’s reputation. We wish to realize a new one of these within the framework of the decision numbered 31 taken by our Board of Directors on April 17, 2021, and we hope that you will embrace this issue in the process.




For nearly three years, we have tried to persuade the competent authority for a local guides day/week through our attempts at different times. Therefore, without wasting any more time, we decided to undertake this work.


It is an initiative that will enable us, with a 132-year history of regulation, to have a week celebrated at the local level, thereby creating public opinion in the tourism sector. In addition, we can create an opportunity to identify the local problems of our profession, to listen and understand each other, and to open the doors of creating public opinion by bringing the subject to the written and visual media through various activities where being physically present is not essential.



Three years ago, we realized that the week following Tourism week, which is celebrated every year on April 10, coincided with a good coincidence. Therefore, we thought it would be fitting to consider the date of birth of Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, whom we know as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, the master of Turkish guides, as the beginning of April 17, 1890. Moreover, the year 1890 is also valuable in that it is the year in which the Traveller’s Regulations, one of the oldest regulations in the world, came into effect.


From now on, we celebrate April 17 of every year as Turkey Guides Day, and the week that includes this date is Guides Week for the first time. We invite you to be a part of this pride. We invite you to be a part of such an essential first so that you can say, ‘I was there too many years from now; your support with both ideas and actions will be appreciated.



You can write to turkiyerehberlergunu@gmail.com regarding the subject.


We plan to publish the 4th issue of our magazine Mikrofon on April 17, 2022, and commemorate Balıkçı at his grave in Bodrum, and we continue our efforts in this direction.


If you wish, you can participate in these studies personally or by providing remote support. A few points can be contributed; The first one can be possible with your writings. The next issue of Mikrofon will also be open to articles from colleagues. There is no condition other than that the pieces are related to the profession and our country. You can send your reports to Mikrodergi@gmail.com on Sunday, April 3. The second contribution can be to participate in the commemoration to be held in Bodrum. Third, you can join in the hashtag campaign that will continue throughout the week.



Dear colleagues and industry stakeholders, in addition to increasing the prestige of our profession, both physical and online events will create an opportunity to meet with each other to find solutions to their problems. Furthermore, a certificate of appreciation will be given in return for your contributions to this study, which can be easily integrated into the Tourism Week celebrated on April 10.



We know that every effort spent with a specific order and stability will pay off sooner or later, and your contributions will be written on one of the golden pages of the Turkish Guidance History.


It is announced to the public with respect.


On behalf of the TKTC Board of Directors

Hasan Baris Partal


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