History Culture Tourism Guides Association Calls for Awareness


Honored Authority,

The society of History Culture and Tourism Guides has been established by licensed tourist guides who approved by ministry of tourism of Turkish Republic, on January 19, 2018 by the law of guiding profession as anticipated with No.6326.

In principle, our society has three aims; first is to subliment the prestige of our profession. second aim is to amplify the standarts of our service and care in connecting with the guideness. Last but not least, the third aim of us is being a referance instution of tourism society in Turkey.

To this end, in view of the articles of the laws and vocational charters itemized below, we would like to depict the rightful reasons and raise awareness for the embassy officers issuing visas to the tourist guides to be mindful of the unlicensed persons who unlawfully operate in our profession;

According to the Professional Law for tourist guides, code 6326, article 2-1, It is explicitly expressed that the job description for the tourist guides is not only to provide
information but more so to conduct the tours fully compliant to the agreements underwritten between the travel agencies and the consumers.

Also depicted by the Tursab’s charter 1618-10, the travel agencies were obliged to provide at least one tourist guide for tours of upto 45 people regardless of the nature of the trip, domestic or abroad.

Moreover, package tour agreement regulations in their relevant clauses also adjudicate the guidance information to be presented in all travel agency contracts. Nevertheless, it has been known that there have been some travel agencies arranging contract papers by hiring illegal guides and applying for them, the grant of travel guide visas, completely undermining the binding laws aforementioned above.

The society of the History Culture and Tourism Guides Board is humbly requesting a fair and lawful screening process concerning the true nature of the documents and the legality of the tourist guides presented by the travel agencies for their tourist guide visa applications to be strictly compliant with the binding laws and regulations of our profession that are listed above.

Yours faithfully


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